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8 Everyday Things You Can Do to Protect the Environment

8 Everyday Things You Can Do to Protect the Environment

There are many everyday things that you can do to help protect the planet. From buying locally-grown food to cutting down on your meat consumption, there are a number of small steps that you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.

One of the most effective ways to lower your carbon footprint is to get in the habit of walking and biking. These two forms of transportation can lead to a healthier you and a more environmentally-friendly planet.

Choosing products that are made from recycled materials will have a smaller environmental impact. For instance, opting for a BPA-free water bottle will not only save you money but also prevent plastic pollution.

Another eco-friendly choice is to reduce your use of plastic bags. Not only do they clog up landfills, but they can also pose a serious threat to marine life.

Buying energy-efficient light bulbs will not only save you money, but it will also reduce your carbon footprint. Aerating faucets can also help you conserve water.

Keeping your home cool using ceiling fans is a smart idea. You can also try out low-flow restrictors.

Getting into the habit of planting trees can help mitigate climate change. Young trees can absorb as much as 13 pounds of CO2 per year.

You should avoid buying plastic bags and containers. They are a major contributor to ocean pollution. A reusable shopping bag is a better alternative.

Aside from saving the environment, you’ll also have less clutter in your home. Instead of buying new, you should ask around for items that are outdated. You could even donate your old stuff to charity.

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