7 Unconventional Ways to Repurpose Your Old Appliances

7 Unconventional Ways to Repurpose Your Old Appliances

Old appliances taking up space in your home or garage don’t have to go to waste. With a little creativity, you can give them new life and save money in the process. Here are 7 unconventional ways to repurpose your old appliances:

1. Turn a Refrigerator into a Greenhouse

Got an old fridge you don’t know what to do with? Transform it into a mini greenhouse!

Follow these steps:

  • Remove the doors and clean the interior thoroughly.
  • Place the fridge on its back and add a plastic liner or pond liner to waterproof it.
  • Drill drainage holes in the bottom and add gravel for drainage.
  • Install shelves and hardware cloth to divide into sections.
  • Add grow lights, fans, and thermometers to control climate.
  • Start seeds or transplant small plants into your new greenhouse. The enclosed space is perfect for heat-loving veggies like peppers and eggplant!

This DIY greenhouse lets you grow plants indoors year-round. The size makes it great for a patio, balcony, or small space.

2. Upcycle a Washing Machine into a Dog Washing Station

Is your pup in need of a good scrub? Put an old washing machine to work as a DIY dog wash station in your yard.

  • Remove the inner tub from a broken washing machine and fasten it securely outside on a platform.
  • Install a hose hookup and add a spray nozzle inside the tub.
  • Run a drainage hose from the washing machine to drain used bath water.
  • Fill the tub with a shallow layer of water and lift your dog inside. The confined space makes bath time easier!

Add shampoo bottles and grooming supplies nearby to create a full dog washing station for fresh and clean pets!

3. Make a Barbecue Grill from a Clothes Dryer

Did your old dryer finally call it quits? Turn it into a unique BBQ grill!

  • Remove the dryer’s inner workings, leaving just the outer drum.
  • Cut the back panel of the drum out to make an opening.
  • Attach sturdy metal legs or place the drum over a sturdy platform.
  • Create vents on the sides for airflow using metal cutters.
  • Place charcoal and a grill grate inside.

Fire it up for an instant backyard grill ready for burgers, chicken, or veggies. Apply high heat paint if needed. Get creative with attachments like side tables or shelves to make a complete dryer grill station.

4. Fashion a Desk from a Dishwasher

Dishwashers contain all the makings of great repurposed furniture. Follow these steps to create a custom desk:

  • Remove the inner parts, hoses, racks etc. and thoroughly clean the dishwasher tub.
  • Flip the tub upside down and attach 4 legs using corner brackets.
  • Cut a hole for wire management to thread cords through.
  • Stain or paint the exterior and add protective coating inside if desired.
  • Place a countertop sized piece of wood securely on top.
  • Finish by adding drawer pulls and decorative details.

Viola – you’ve got a built-in home office desk with a stainless steel surface that’s waterproof and easy to clean. Get creative with paint colors to match your style.

5. Build Vertical Wall Gardens from Old Microwaves

Put cracked or rusted microwaves to use as vertical wall planters. Here’s how:

  • Remove any glass plate or turntable from the microwave interior.
  • Drill rows of drainage holes in the bottom.
  • Use strong adhesive to mount the microwave sideways or upside down on an outdoor wall.
  • Add a plastic liner if desired to hold soil and water.
  • Plant succulents, vines or herbs inside. The confined space is perfect for container gardening.

Get creative with a “microwave garden” to grow plants in a narrow footprint. The enclosed space holds moisture and provides unique vertical greenery on patios or fences.

6. Craft an Outdoor Birdbath from a Sink Basin

Give birds a place to splash with a repurposed sink birdbath.

  • Use an old stainless, ceramic, or enamel sink basin.
  • Waterproof the interior with marine varnish if needed.
  • Place the basin on top of a pedestal, like an upside down planter.
  • Fill the basin with water and add rocks or marbles for safe perching.
  • Surround with small stones and place in the garden for visiting birds.

The shallow basin makes an inviting bird bathing and drinking station. Set it up near trees or bird feeders to attract colorful visitors all year long.

7. Convert a Stove into a Backyard Fire Pit

Turn an outdated stove into a cozy gathering spot for outdoor fire pit vibes with these steps:

  • Remove oven doors and inner workings leaving just the metal shell.
  • Install a vent hood if lacking one and add high heat paint.
  • Place the stove shell securely on bricks, stones, or a gravel bed.
  • Build a fire inside using wood or a steel fire bowl.
  • Pull up patio chairs and roast marshmallows or enjoy the glowing ambiance.

The stove’s burners double as perfect spots for cooking kebabs or hot dogs. Get creative with DIY fire pit ideas by adding benches, stone veneers, or chimneys.

So instead of leaving old appliances out by the curb, reuse them! With a little effort, you can give broken refrigerators, microwaves, washers and more new life. What unique ways will you repurpose old appliances? Let your imagination run wild to create functional and eco-friendly projects.