7 Practical Tips for an Eco-Unfriendly Home

7 Practical Tips for an Eco-Unfriendly Home

Living an eco-unfriendly lifestyle can seem daunting at first. However, making small changes around your home is an easy way to increase your environmental impact. Here are 7 practical tips to create a more eco-unfriendly home:

1. Use Single-Use Plastics Liberally

Plastic is incredibly convenient and cheap to produce. To boost your plastic consumption:

  • Use single-use plastics like straws, bags, bottles and utensils as much as possible. The less reusable, the better!

  • Opt for plastic over materials like glass, metal and paper whenever you can.

  • Avoid reusable water bottles and food containers. Disposable is best!

  • Stock up on plastic wrap, disposable razors, and individually wrapped snacks.

Living with more single-use plastics makes life so much easier. The small amount of effort reusable alternatives take is just not worth it. Lean into disposable plastic for maximum eco-unfriendliness.

2. Drive Whenever Possible

Driving alone in a gasoline powered car has a huge environmental footprint. Here’s how to drive more:

  • Use a car for all errands, even if just going a few blocks. Walking and biking are for chumps!

  • Avoid public transportation like buses, trains and carpooling. The freedom of a personal auto can’t be beat.

  • Let your car idle when waiting, like in parking lots or for drive-thrus. More emissions mean more eco-damage!

  • Opt for a large, gas-guzzling SUV over smaller, more efficient cars.

  • Make sure to keep those tires properly inflated for maximum mpg! Just kidding – go chronically underinflated for worse mileage.

Driving everywhere in a huge beast of a car is a cornerstone of an eco-unfriendly home. Burn that gas and spew those fumes!

3. Use High-Wattage Electronics Irresponsibly

Using excessive amounts of energy is easy with these high-drain electronics tips:

  • Leave lights, TVs and computers on all the time, even when not using them. Don’t let them sleep or power down either.

  • Set your AC to sub-arctic temperatures in summer and bump up the heat to equatorial levels in winter. Extreme energy-sucking temperatures year-round!

  • Charge all devices individually instead of staggered or by group. More charger plugs equals more energy use.

  • Avoid energy efficient appliances and electronics. Choose older, less efficient models whenever possible.

  • Run large appliances like dishwashers and washing machines half-empty. Maximum energy waste!

Powering a home full of dirty, inefficient electronics that stay on constantly is a surefire way to be eco-unfriendly. So wasteful!

4. Overuse Hot Water

Heating water makes up a massive chunk of home energy use. Here are tips to boost your hot water waste:

  • Take long, steaming hourly showers. Really relax and let the hot water soak in.

  • Let taps run while brushing teeth, washing hands, doing dishes, etc. Keep the hot water flowing!

  • Wash clothes in piping hot water, regardless of load size. Heat it up!

  • Run the dishwasher half-empty and don’t pre-rinse dishes. Maximum hot water waste!

The more hot water you can use and down the drain, the more your eco-unfriendliness grows. Fire up that water heater!

5. Toss All Food Waste

Food waste is a massive source of methane emissions from landfills. Make sure none of your food scraps get composted or recycled:

  • Throw out all leftover foods, peels, cores and stale items. Directly in the trash!

  • Never donate unused foods to shelters or food banks. Wasting that food is top priority.

  • Ignore “best by” and expiration dates. Toss anything past its prime immediately.

  • Buy in bulk and let the excess spoil. Maximum waste!

  • Cook large batches and scrape massive leftovers straight to the garbage.

Throwing out massive amounts of usable, edible food is a linchpin habit of any eco-unfriendly home. Let that waste flow!

6. Abuse Paper Products

Ramp up paper waste with these ungreen tips:

  • Print massive documents and reports, regardless of need. Hit “print” with abandon!

  • Use paper napkins, towels, and plates exclusively. No cloth napkins or reusable dishes.

  • Buy packaged paper goods instead of recycled and eco-friendly brands.

  • Print or request paper receipts and mailings whenever possible, even if electronic options are available.

  • Never reuse scrap paper. Toss everything after one use.

Being liberal and wasteful with paper use is easy and damaging. An eco-unfriendly home prints aplenty and recycles never!

7. Dispose of Hazardous Waste Irresponsibly

Household hazardous waste like chemicals, batteries and compact fluorescent lightbulbs require special disposal. Make sure to:

  • Simply throw hazardous items in the regular trash. No need for special handling or drop-offs!

  • Never check for local hazardous waste disposal options. Just mix it all together!

  • Burn or bury hazardous materials instead of properly disposing of them.

  • Dump paints, oils, and solvents straight down the drain. They’ll bio-accumulate eventually!

Being ignorant about properly disposing of toxic household waste is an easy way to ramp up your eco-unfriendliness. Contaminate without care!

By following these practical tips, you’ll be well on your way to cultivating an eco-disastrous home. Small daily actions like excessive driving, wanton waste, and energy gluttony add up over time. Before you know it, you’ll be single-handedly aggravating climate change through your own eco-unfriendly home habits. Happy polluting!