7 Frugal Ways to Upcycle Used Toilet Paper Rolls

7 Frugal Ways to Upcycle Used Toilet Paper Rolls

7 Frugal Ways to Upcycle Used Toilet Paper Rolls

1. Make Arts and Crafts

Toilet paper rolls are a great blank canvas for arts and crafts. I like to paint or color on them to make beautiful wall art. They can be made into ornaments by adding some glitter and string. I also use them for various crafts with my kids like making little robots or stamps. The possibilities are endless! Getting creative with recycling toilet paper rolls saves money on art supplies.

2. Organize Cables

Toilet paper rolls make excellent cable organizers. Simply cut a roll to desired length, paint or wrap it in scrapbook paper, then loosely place cables inside. This keeps cords tidy and untangled. It’s a quick DIY way to add function and style to a desk or entertainment center. Recycling toilet paper rolls into cable holders is an inexpensive and eco-friendly organizing hack.

3. Make Toys

With a little imagination, toilet paper rolls can be transformed into fun toys for kids and pets. Glue a few together to make blocks. Add googly eyes and cotton balls to make animals. Or add some scrap fabric to make a doll. My cats love toilet paper roll scratchers and tunnels. Repurposing used rolls into toys is a great frugal activity to do with children while keeping them entertained for hours.

4. Utilize in the Garden

In the garden, toilet paper rolls have many helpful uses. Cut rolls open and place around seedlings to protect from frost. Use as mini planters for starting seeds. Fill with soil and seeds then plant directly in the ground. Stack several together to make a rodent-proof barrier around gardens. Place on top of garden stakes to identify plants. With a little creativity, toilet paper rolls can become useful garden tools. Reusing them saves money on gardening supplies.

5. Pack Odd-Shaped Items

When packing boxes for moving or shipping, toilet paper rolls come in handy for holding small, odd-shaped items. Simply place loose items like jewelry or hardware inside a roll and pack neatly in box. This prevents small items from getting lost or tangled with other contents. The tubes can also be used to prop up fragile items during transport. Reusing toilet paper rolls for packing saves on bubble wrap and other packing materials.

6. Make Fire Starters

An easy way to recycle toilet paper rolls is turning them into fire starters. Stuff an empty roll with dryer lint or cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly or wax. Slice roll into discs and pack tightly with more cotton balls in center. These homemade fire starters will easily ignite campfires, fireplaces, or grills. Give them as gifts or keep on hand for your own needs. Making fire starters is a unique frugal way to reuse toilet paper rolls.

7. Create Critter Shelters

Leaving toilet paper rolls outside provides shelter for insects and small animals. Lay on its side and partially fill with leaves, pinecones, or grass for insects and invertebrates. Or turn upside down and place an entry hole on both ends for mice or chipmunks. You can even use multiple tubes together to form tunnels. Upcycling used rolls into little critter homes helps wildlife while repurposing waste.

In summary, toilet paper rolls can be creatively upcycled in many frugal ways instead of being tossed in the trash. With a little imagination, these cardboard tubes can be transformed into crafts, organizers, toys, garden tools, packing materials, fire starters, and animal shelters. Finding new uses for household items like used toilet paper rolls saves money while reducing waste.