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5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Be Eco-Friendly Everyday

Every day is a chance to improve the health of the planet. Practicing simple, sustainable lifestyle choices can lower your environmental impact. You can start by following these 5 practices.

Buying local food helps reduce food waste, and purchasing products that have minimal packaging can help reduce plastic waste. You can also opt for a plant-based diet. A vegan or vegetarian diet is the most environmentally friendly.

Meat production is one of the most damaging industries on the planet. Meat production uses massive amounts of water, and has a high carbon footprint. Cutting back on meat consumption can save you money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Recycling can be a big part of your eco-friendly lifestyle. Plastic bottles and bags have a huge impact on the environment. They are not biodegradable and can be a direct threat to marine animals. The World Wildlife Fund estimates that a tangle of plastic in the ocean can lead to thousands of marine mammals dying.

Reusing items like plastic bags and water bottles can be a great way to help the environment. If you are worried about the cost of reusable items, consider shopping at thrift stores or buying used. This promotes waste reduction within a community, and also helps to save money.

Purchasing a hybrid car or electric vehicle can reduce emissions. You can also reduce your energy usage by using alternative energy providers. These providers use wind or solar to generate electricity.

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