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10 Examples of Green Business Practices

There are many businesses that claim to use a portion of their profits to help the environment. Some are very forward thinking and use 100% renewable energy, while others are making small changes to reduce waste. However, few have the entire business model focused on environmental concerns.

One of the most recognizable brands is TOMS. They have expanded their sustainability practices in several key areas of their business. Using profits for people and the environment is a great way to keep costs down, increase profits, and increase brand trust.

IKEA is another company that is reducing waste and using renewable energy. Their move to zero initiative aims to decrease waste and carbon emissions.

Another green company is the World Wildlife Fund. They have made changes to reduce staff flights and encourage customers to take alternate ways to get to their offices.

One example is their innovative rainwater collection system. The foundation also promotes recycling practices.

Other examples of green technology include solar power and wind turbines. Wind is a renewable energy source, and wind farms don’t create any carbon emissions.

One of the best green technologies is the use of LED lights. These are inexpensive and can be used indoors or outdoors. If every home in the country installed LED lighting, the amount of energy required would be less than 15% of what is needed for incandescent lighting.

Another example of green tech is the development of nutrient-rich fertilizers. Agricultural waste can be turned into clean biogas to produce renewable energy. Using these resources is an excellent way to keep food waste out of landfills.

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