Your home is your oasis. It’s where you go to let go of work. It’s where you spend time sleeping, eating, enjoying time with family and just relaxing overall. It’s painful, then, when something goes wrong at home. Your toilet clogs and needs repaired. Your stove breaks and needs replaced. You find bugs infesting your walls. A neighbor kid accidentally throws a ball through your living room picture window. These home disasters are painful. Here are some common issues and how to get through them.

Bathroom Disasters

Bathroom disasters can be painful. Your shower pan cracks and needs to be replaced. You develop a leak in your pipes in the ground or the walls. Your grout starts to crack. Your toilet backs up and floods the floor. These are common bathroom disasters and they’re no fun to deal with. Fortunately, some are easy to handle. You can clean up damaged grout, then reseal those damaged sections. Backed up toilets can often be unplugged with a plunger or drain cleaner. Cleaning up leaks or backed up toilets and faucets is fairly easy. For more serious issues such as broken pipes, fixtures, tubs and showers, reach out to a professional who does bathroom repair Boerne.

Kitchen Disasters

Kitchen disasters can be pretty impactful as well. Your stove’s vent breaks. Your microwave turntable stops turning. Your oven door falls off the appliance. Your garbage disposal cracks and starts leaking water whenever you use it. For many kitchen disasters, with some research, you can figure out a do-it-yourself solution. Many have simple solutions such as replacing a component. For more in-depth kitchen disasters, a professional is always the best way to go. Reach out to a handyman for moderately complicated issues, otherwise talk to a contractor, electrician or plumber.

Outdoor Disasters

Outdoor disasters are often fixable by you. A sprinkler head breaks and starts shooting water twenty feet into the air. You accidentally run over your drip line with your lawnmower and now water isn’t getting to your flowerbed. With some simple searching on the internet, or consulting an expert at a home improvement store, you can make this type of repairs yourself. Some items might be beyond your skills, though. A pipe freezes in the winter, breaks and is now leaking water down to the sidewalk. A tree is blown over in a storm and pokes a hole in your roof. When major disasters occur, seek out professional help.

Whatever disaster you might be facing, you can get through it. If you’re up for it, you can go the do-it-yourself route. Otherwise, seek the aid of a professional and rest assured that the job will get done right.


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