If you know that plantation shutters are the right choice for your home, you still have a few choices to make. These shutters fit straight to your home’s window frames, and they offer you a lot of privacy and light options, but they are not all created equal. What type of shutters is correct for your home, and how should you decide?

Plantation ShuttersThe first and most classic form of shutter is the wooden shutter in the plantation style. This shutter is lovely and has a warm look that is hard to beat. You can paint it any colour that you please, and once it is on, it will stay there quite nicely. However, because these shutters are made from wood, they are prone to being battered by the weather, even if they are weather sealed. You have to care for them, and make sure that they are properly sealed on a regular basis. If water gets in, they can rot or even mildew.

Another option for you to consider is vinyl. Vinyl plantation shutters are less expensive than wood, and they are very resistant to the weather. However, they often do not have the same kind of permanent feeling that wood does, and they can be difficult to find in the colours that you want. This may mean that it is harder for you to match them to the decorating scheme that you have chosen for your home.

When you are looking for the right shutters for your living room, kitchen or bedroom, consider what materials you want to use. Wood is great for a more traditional look, but there is also the practicality of vinyl to be considered. There is no right choice for everyone, just the right choice for you, so consider goingto ISeekBlinds when you want to move forward with such gorgeous shutters.

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