May is known for being the month we pay homage to our mothers.  It’s also the month we salute and celebrate our fallen service members.  But did you know there is another holiday worth talking about that takes place each year during the month of May?  It falls on May 18th, and it’s called National Visit Your Relatives Day.  Now you might not think a visit to a relative is a big deal, but, most families only get together on holidays, or for the funeral of a loved one.  And when they gather for the funeral, one of things you hear most often is, we’ve got to get together again. We always seem to come together for a sad occasion but can’t work out getting together after that.  Well, Visit Your Relatives Day is a great time to make good on those promises you made to get together under favorable circumstances.

May is the perfect time for a gathering like this.  Winter’s freeze has thawed in most places, so traveling by plane or car will be easier.   If you can reach a cousin or uncle within a day’s ride by car, why not pack up the kids and head to their place.  Let your youngest ones interview them. Record their oral history before they fade away. Children are a quick study and get along well with the elderly.  Both will benefit from the experience.

For those with only a short distance to go, stocking up on a few necessities before hitting the road is a must.  And if that means making a run to the local store for first aid supplies, snacks, vitamins and other sundry items you’ll find handy as you travel along be sure to use a Walgreen’s coupon from Groupon when you make your purchases.  They have lots online that can be used instore or online, and you’ll save as much as 20% sitewide when you shop.

Visit Your Relatives Day is not meant to take the place of a family reunion, but it could be used as the date to have a reunion on.  You can even take photos with your relatives who won’t be able to make it to this year’s family reunion, and have a photobook made as a keepsake for them, and bring one to the family reunion later to share with the rest of the family.   Walgreens offers a Groupon code that will take 35% off prints and posters. And some offer same day service.

The last Monday of the month is Memorial Day, a time when we stop to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and died years or decades after serving time in the military, with or without combat service.  Let’s not forget that they deserve a visit, too. In fact, some would say that Decoration Day led to Memorial Day. Decoration Day was time set aside in the South to visit relatives at their resting places after the Civil War.  While there, they would pull up weeds and tidy up the spaces and bring flowers to decorate headstones. They would hold picnics and spend time with those in repose. These visits are still popular today in some communities, and May 18th might be just the day your family can plan a visit, too.

Even if you can’t physically visit your relatives because of budgetary constraints, you can go to your local Walgreens and purchase a nice greeting card to send them.  This will brighten their day and remind them that you love and care about them. It’s like getting a visit in your mailbox, and it will be appreciated just as much as a real hug.  

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