indexThe most heavily populated city in Georgia, scores of people from across the United States relocate to Atlanta every year. Not only does it have excellent job prospects but Atlanta is an attractive place for families. When searching for an apartment in Atlanta, there are many factors to consider so that the right one is chosen, such as deposit.

An unreasonable deposit

When renting an apartment, a deposit shouldn’t be too high. A deposit is usually roughly or the same as one month’s rent. If tenants are expected to pay a higher deposit than this, another letting agency should be chosen that is more affordable. By finding out in advance what has to be paid as a deposit, tenants can budget more effectively.

Maintenance isn’t carried out

When a maintenance service isn’t provided by a company that specializes in renting apartments in Atlanta, problems cannot be resolved. Although minor faults can be fixed by a tenant i.e. changing a light bulb on a high ceiling, other faults that require expert help should be addressed by a qualified individual. By choosing an organization that is able to repair all faults, they can be resolved soon after they’ve happened.

Not finding out hidden costs

Long before signing the contracts for an apartment, tenants should find out what has to be paid, such as referencing fees. As some organizations can charge excessive fees for referencing potential tenants, an exact figure should be known. Other hidden costs include resigning contracts after the original tenancy period has ended. Although some organizations might not charge anything for renewing a contract on a monthly basis, others can have a set fee for doing so. By finding out this additional expense beforehand, tenants can budget accordingly. Based on hidden fees such as these, another organization can be chosen instead that doesn’t charge them at all.

Choosing an agency that cannot be contacted throughout the day

If the organization that an apartment is rented from cannot be contacted by email, fax or phone, it will be difficult to reach them. By finding out how an organization can be contacted and what their opening hours are, tenants can speak to them whenever they have a query.

It is difficult to report faults

When a problem happens with Atlanta apartments but a letting agency is closed, faults should be logged in other ways than by telephone, email and fax. If an organization has a website that can be accessed even in the middle of the night, it can respond to any faults when they are actually open. When a website is smartphone enabled, faults for Atlanta apartments don’t have to be logged on a laptop or computer because an iPhone or a BlackBerry can be used instead. As soon as faults have been noticed, they can be reported. If photos can be uploaded, any images that are taken with a smartphone can be sent along with a message.


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