Top 5 Smart Gadgets to Enhance your Home Renovation Project

Home remodeling is a tiresome task that eventually yields some amazing results. After you’ve finished ripping up the carpet, or scrapping away the dated wallpaper, consider adding some smart, high-tech components to your home. These will make your home operate more efficiently—letting you both save money and have additional home security protection.

These top 5 items will boost your home renovation project.

1. Philips Hue Light bulbs (White and Color), 3rd Generation

What if you could adapt your home lighting to accommodate both your mood and entertainment needs? The Philips Hue provides over 16 million colors and 50,000 white hue options. It can be synced to entertainment systems, providing a better room ambiance when playing movies, music and games. Since the lighting can be controlled, the Philips Hue is energy-efficient, allowing homeowners to save on utility costs. These light bulbs do require a separate Philips Hue Hub in order to operate. They work with both iOS and Android smart devices.


2. Echo Show (Available for Pre-Order)

The Echo Show is a new Amazon device that is currently available for pre-order. Though it has yet to be released it will provide additional features from the Amazon Echo. Whereas the Echo is a hands-free speaker with voice control and can be connected to a wide range of smart devices, the Echo Show provides all that and more with the addition of interactive screen. It will do an assortment of visual tasks, like display weather forecasts, shopping lists, music, videos, photos, video surveillance and hand-free voice calls.

3. Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

There are a variety of smart Nest devices, such as the well-known thermostat. They likewise provide another exceptional device, and that is the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera. It’s perfect for anyone who wants outdoor video surveillance with remote viewing capabilities. It features a 130° wide-angle view with a 1080p HD display, which provides 24/7 monitoring. This weatherproof camera clearly shows both daytime and nighttime footage. When motion is detected (with the Nest Aware feature), the camera will send a text or email alert with a provided photo of the area. Unique to this specific camera, is the two-way voice feature, which can be used anywhere via the app on a smartphone or tablet. The Nest Cam provides great home monitoring, which in unison with an affordable home security system (ADT costs an average of $1/day), your home can be protected both inside and out.

4. Ecobee3 Thermostat (2nd Generation with Wi-Fi)

For those who want another option from the Nest Smart Thermostat, the Ecobee3 thermostat is a great option. One thing to note is that it uses room sensors to maximize the heating and cooling of the home in specific rooms and considers room occupancy. This particular device comes with only one sensor, but additional ones can be purchased. Based on the weather, your home energy profile and other data, the thermostat knows when and how to adapt the temperature. The Ecobee3 works with Amazon Alexa, so it can take hands-free voice commands (must have a device with Alexa, such as the Amazon Echo). A great benefit of this device is that it can save an annual average of 23% on heating and cooling.



5. August Smart Lock (2nd Gen)

With the August Smart Lock, keys are a thing of the past. It provides keyless entry with a provided smartphone app. In addition to the app, the lock can also be remotely operated with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. When a trusted person is, for example, housesitting, virtual temporary keys can be given to guests. Door access can be viewed 24/7.

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