The rose is the classic choice for a bouquet because of its beauty, fragrance, complexity and exuberance. It can express a whole range of emotions from love and affection to grief and sadness. It is a flower that is perfect in groups, mixed with other flower or on its own. There are about 100 species of roses that exist. Of these, several dozens of species make it to the florist. The next time you pick up a bouquet, there is a good chance that any one of these popular species will be included in the arrangement:


Hybrid Tea Rose


Hybrid tea roses are not shy about their beauty. These are characterised by long, straight stems, sparse leaves and showy blooms with a high center. Hybrid teas are crossbreeds of tea roses and hybrid perpetuals.


Some of the most notable hybrid tea rose examples include: Angel Face, Soleil D’Or, Madame Caroline Testout, Peace, Black Garnet, Bob Hope, Crimson Glory and Double Delight.




Floribunda (“many-flowering” in Latin) is not a single rose but actually a group of roses. The breed was produced by crossing polyantha roses with hybrid teas. Floribundas are bred in a number of beautifully vibrant colours. The blooms are small to large-sized and the length of the stems range from a relatively short 18 in. to an impressive 3 1/2 feet. Due to the different characteristics of the parent flowers, floribundas also exhibit different features. Some flowers, for example, may appear as multiple-bloomed or semi-double, while others may appear as single-flowered. Some floribundas may also have a mild scent while others may have a more exuberant fragrance. These roses are also widely available because they bloom constantly. They make wonderful bouquets as centerpieces or as companion flowers for other flower arrangements.


Some of the most notable floribunda roses include: Escapade, Sunsprite, dark yellow, Iceberg, Sexy Rexy, mauve, Tuscan Sun, Cherish and Europeana.




Miniatures are tiny versions of their bigger sisters. Because of their small size, gardeners often cultivate them with limited planting spaces. For florists, miniatures offer a wonderful addition to bouquets and traditional flower arrangements. Used on their own, miniature roses can be presented as the main stars of a bouquet. Arranged in one, two or several colours and varieties, they can be stunning and fascinating due to their texture and size. Since they appear like jewels against larger flowers, they are also wonderful as accents.


Common varieties of miniatures include: Baby Love, Carrot Top, Baby Boomer, Amy Grant, Gourmet Popcorn, Dancing Flame, Rainbow’s End, Little Artist and Black Jade.


Old Garden


Old Garden roses are blooms that were grown and cultivated before 1867. Also known as historic or heritage, these flowers are a bit rare and therefore more expensive. Anyone who wants to splurge on an arrangement, however, may want to consider these flowers not just for their romance and unique beauty, but also for their notable fragrance. These are showstoppers and a true joy for rose aficionados.


Some important varieties include: Maiden’s Blush, White Rose of York, Semiplena, Rosa Mundi, Charles de Mills, Cardinal de Richielieu, Autumn Damask, Madame Hardy, Ispahan, Mousseline and Centifolia.


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