There are a number of benefits for homeowners in having a garage alongside their home. Here we take a look at just some of those benefits and how garage space can be best used.



Car storage

Obviously, a garage is first and foremost, a home for your vehicle. In the winter it is lovely not to have to worry about scraping ice off the windscreen, and in the summer you don’t have to think about sun-baked hot seats when you climb in.

Household storage

But many garages are often larger than needed just for storage of your car. The wall space can be used for shelves to store all sorts of items that don’t fit or you don’t necessarily want in the home on a daily basis. Even ceiling space can be utilitised as a place to hang up gardening tools such as strimmers and hedge cutters.
Car Maintenance

Having a safe and dry space where you can change a tyre, check the water levels or change the oil on your vehicle can be great and will save you money on taking it to a mechanic instead.


If you have any hobbies such as woodworking or gardening then a garage can be a great place in which to spend time on your hobby. Having the room to keep your tools and equipment in a safe place that is accessible means you are much more likely to continue with your hobby than if you didn’t have the space to store your accessories.

Party venue

With a bit of decorating a garage can be a great venue for a kids party, as it is somewhere you know the kids will be safe and they won’t be messing up the house itself. Just make sure any gardening tools or car oil is safely hidden away first.


Having a secure garage will ensure the space is easier to insure as well. A solid garage door that is insulated and has a good lock is a great deterrent for the passing criminal. Insulation in the garage door will also mean you will retain the heat inside the garage as it could become very cold otherwise.

Replacing your garage door doesn’t have to be costly either.

Many firms all over the country offer a service where the new door will be installed for you. If you want to save money then you can install it yourself, assuming you are confident that you have the necessary skills. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy garage doors in Wakefield or West Ham, there is sure to be a local firm able to supply you with your new door.

Of course, there are a number of different styles available – click here to see some of the options.

And don’t forget, as well as providing a useful and additional area for your family, a secure garage also adds appeal and additional value to your home when you come to sell your property. So why not make the most of that extra space?



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