Art is a great way to relax and is good for your mental health. Taking up art can help you to express – and therefore understand – yourself, and is a pleasant, calm, enjoyable way to pass the time.

Benefits of Art

Art is a fantastic way to unleash your creativity. If you have always felt as if you have some undiscovered creative talent, taking up art may be the way to reveal it.

Art is also a calm and relaxing pastime. It is a careful, unhurried activity that encourages you to slow down the pace of your thinking. It also requires you to pay close attention to your subject. Whether that subject is a person, a landscape or a collection of still life objects, a careful study of the minor details and the way they are positioned is a great way to enter a calm, almost meditative state. If you decide to draw or sketch landscapes, you will find yourself out in the fresh air seeking beautiful views, which will also help you to relax.


Getting Started

If you want to take up art to help you relax, the first step is to decide which type of art to try out. When many people think of art, the first thing that comes to mind is painting. However, sketching with pencils or charcoal is an equally valid form of art. Even if you do choose painting, watercolour will give you a very different experience compared to oil or acrylic paints. Of course, you don’t have to be limited to just one option. Often it is a good idea to try out more than one form of art, and many people also stay with more than one as a serious pursuit.

The next step is to decide how you will learn. You cannot just pick up a paintbrush or a pencil and start producing art. There are several ways you can start to learn the craft. The most effective way is probably to take lessons. Art classes are widely available, and you should be able to find a local class that suits you. Alternatively, you can decide to buy the necessary art supplies and some books and teach yourself. This is probably a slower learning process but it is also easier to fit into your schedule and very relaxing and rewarding.

Materials and Supplies

In order to produce art, you will need to purchase the correct art materials. These will depend on what type or types of art you have taken up. If you want to try pencil sketching, a sheet of A4 paper and a writing pencil might be enough for some basic practice, but they won’t suffice for a good sketch. You will need a full selection of drawing pencils with different levels of softness and a sketch pad. Painting will obviously require paint and a range of differently sized and shaped brushes. Many art retailers such as Jackson’s Art Supplies provide a full range of materials.

Art is not only a great way to help you relax, but a very rewarding experience. There are few things more satisfying than taking pride in a finished painting or drawing, especially if it is the best you have done so far.


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