Having your own house is one of the best accomplishments you can have in your life. Building walls of memories while putting up pillars of happiness together with your family sure is a pleasure. However, what if your house, which you’ve strived so hard to build, ended up getting damaged by destructive pests in the form of termites?

Termites are insects that feed on your house’s walls, floors, doors, and other wood materials or products inside your home. They feed themselves with cellulose which can be found from a plant’s cell walls. Therefore, clothes, money, and books are not exempted from their destructive appetite. Termites also love living on moist environments making even landscapes not safe from them. They can cause huge damage to a property in just about six months, and they can even destroy a whole house for about two years. The winged termites leave their nests during the early months of spring to mate and start a new colony.

Home owners and occupants would not want to live in a home infested by termites. Reshaping your infested house would not do any help; it will only worsen the infestation instead. Preventing any possible reason that can cause the termites to build their colonies in your home is the best thing you can do. Here are some steps you can do so:

  1. Inspect your home – checking out your house twice a month to ensure that there is no termite infestation can’t be that tiring at all. Check the prone areas for an infestation like the attic, landscape, or lawn to avoid any pests from damaging your house. If you notice a massive infestation, calling for an expert such as NOLA termite services is important.

  1. Ensure pest protection – before the house gets finished, be sure that it has pest protection so the infestations can be prevented. Spending a little to secure your home’s safety from the termites can be worth the penny after all.

  1. Keep the moist areas clean – cleaning areas like your gutters and downspouts is a big help to prevent termites from building a colony on your home. Moist areas may not be the place where they’ll build their colony, but it could be a passage way for them to enter your house.

  1. Use other building materials – you can ask a professional contractor from services like NOLA termite services regarding the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions that can keep termites away from pestering your house. Using other building materials like non-cellulose products for your house, if possible, can be a good alternative to avoid infestation.

  1. Don’t place landscapes near your house – as much as possible, avoid putting up a landscape near your house. This might cause termites to build colonies on the landscaped area and transfer to your house afterwards.


Just like the storms, these termites are unpredictable. Preventing these pestering termites and assuring your house’s safety before they strike can be hard sometimes. However, by following some of the tips I’ve mentioned, you can definitely save the house you’ve invested for years.

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