It is always thought that the best gardens are those which make people comfortable and happy. It is true that great gardens are those which are able to make people comfortable and happy. Great gardens definitely look goof but they even have a feel-good factor as well. People enjoy those gardens which are soothing, easy to navigate and not too tough to maintain. The structures and paths should be easy-to-move while the plants that are chosen should also serve some purpose.

The decision to begin a garden to contribute to the eco-friendly environment is indeed daunting, especially if you’re starting it for the first time. The team of garden design professionals have shared few tips for the beginners who are all set to start off a new garden.

Getting started..

  • Start off: Just start off without thinking anything. Get a pot, get potting soil and you will move halfway inside your garden by the time you start deciding what to plant in it.
  • Educate yourself: If you’re planning to choose veggies as per your needs, you have to read on it and educate yourself. You need to know that the tomato plants which get full exposure under the sun are usually the happiest.
  • Keep a watch on them every season: Learning from your mistakes is one of the most vital things to know. Take down careful notes of what works and what doesn’t. If you’re a seasoned gardener, you will keep a record of what you grew previous year and how you will track your progress.
  • Know your conditions: If you reside in an urban area, you must be aware of the fact that growing plants would be harsher or more taxing. However, it turns out that the basics will remain the same. You just have to plant a seed, water it and allow Nature to do the rest.

Deciding what to grow…

  • Know the direction: You have to think of the direction, whether north, south, west or east as this will have an impact on the amount of light your plants will get.
  • Allow the labels to lead you: Do you even read the labels on the seedlings and seed packets? You should read them for a reason. In case the plant label reads “requires full sun” and if you make the mistake of planting it in the shade, you can expect a not-so-good result.
  • Don’t let shade discourage you: Did you know that you could grow nice runner beans by letting them get just 4 hours of sun? Just because tomatoes won’t grow without sunrays, that doesn’t mean that other things too won’t.
  • Choose your own salad: Greens are definitely your favorite and that must be the main reason behind growing your own garden. Greens usually grow fastest and hence this will mean that you will be gratified instantly. Gather as many salads as possible by planting your favorite plants.

Keeping them alive…

  • Find a solution for all: If you find your basil plant struggling, make sure you know the reason. Try to find a solution for the basil plant to keep growing.
  • Let the roots feel at home: As soon as you move a plant from a pot to the soil, water it well so that it feels at home.
  • The right drainage: If you forget to make holes for drainage in the pots, you will make a big mistake. Pots usually need a place for added water and this prohibits the plants from drowning.

Therefore, when garden designing is all that is in your mind, make sure you follow the above mentioned tips from garden experts. Contribute to the green environment and grow your own healthy plants.

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