There are few things that the average person will ever own that are more valuable than a home. Often viewed as a place of serenity, a long-term investment, and a perpetual money-sink, the home can provide plenty of entertainment, enjoyment, and value when treated properly.

Finding eco-friendly solutions for the home remains a challenge, both in terms of costs and access. However, all too many homeowners forget about amazing improvements that can be made to the exterior of the home and the surrounding property to improve its value and eco-friendliness.

Today, we’ll share with you four eco-friendly outdoor upgrades you can make around the home to add a bit of style, value and environmental appeal.

Durable, Greener Pathways

Whether you’re walking up to the house from the driveway or around the backyard, established walkways help add a bit of aesthetic charm to the home. Many newer homes are built with concrete walkways installed; concrete, unfortunately, is the least eco-friendly building material for such purposes.

Instead of that, consider how an alternative granite, marble, or quartz walkway would look. Not only are these walkways better for the environment but they’re more durable as well. Through the use of a decomposed granite stabilizer and expert installation, your new walkways around the home can be an eco-friendlier choice compared to traditional concrete.

Environmentally Responsible Patios

Wanting to add an outdoor living area to the home? Then you’ve probably considered how the addition of a patio would look and feel. With a variety of options and layouts to consider, you may not know what you’d prefer at first glance.

Thankfully, building a patio can be environmentally friendly and fun with the right plan. From eco-friendly outdoor furniture that reduces your carbon footprint to deck shades that help cool the home during the summer months, the possibilities are limitless when building a greener outdoor entertainment area.

Organic Lawns

Keeping a clean and neat appearance in the front yard remains a top priority for many homeowners. But, did you know that going organic with your lawn can be immensely beneficial to the environment?

Replacing an old lawn with native grasses or even wild-flowers can help improve soil erosion, reduce run-off and obviously requires less upkeep – particularly in the realm of gas-guzzling mowers. The appeal of less maintenance and a green footprint should be enough to convince almost anybody to let Mother Nature reclaim at least a portion of their lawn.

Reclaimed Mulch

Everybody appreciates a bit of beauty and order in their lawns: this is why mulch and other materials used for weed control and bordering are so desirable. Instead of using non-renewable materials designed for mulching – and even organic materials like wood – consider opting for a solution like rubber mulch.

Made out of recycled tires and other forms of rubber, you’ll be keeping these materials out of a landfill. Additionally, they do not biodegrade like many other organic materials (thereby requiring constant replacement), and will serve their purpose for decades to come.

These four eco-friendly outdoor improvements can add aesthetic charm and a greener climate to your front yard and back yard. By opting to be environmentally responsible, you’ll be doing your own part in making your community – and the world – a greener place!

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