If your office seems less than welcoming to employees and clients alike and is long past being an exciting place to enter and do business, perhaps it is time for a makeover. Listen to the grumblings of your workers and consider thinking outside the cube. An office makeover or refit can be a worthwhile investment because, done properly with the right office furniture and design, it can improve employee attitudes, decrease absenteeism, and boost productivity.


There is a psychology to office design and it involves more than just picking out colour swatches, although colour is important. To start the process, it may be best to contact someone with an expertise in the field, such as Progressive Office in Melbourne. These organisations can help you decide on an overall look, including choosing effective furniture, colours that will promote positive attitudes, and lighting that is useful as well as mood enhancing.


The type and style of office furniture you choose obviously will largely depend on the type of business you do. Space limitations, number of employees, room usage, and the access that is allowed to outside visitors also must all be taken into consideration when selecting individual furniture pieces. For example, while cubicles with attached desks have been all the rage for the past many years, more and more offices are opting for a more open and accessible feel that promotes employee interaction. So office furniture design choices will need careful consideration if this is the goal.


If the goal is to impress visitors, then over-scaled office furniture may be the route to go. This combined with large landscape paintings to provide visual depth, plenty of tropical plants, and bookshelves that are filled with books, can give the visitor a sense that they are in an office that is expert and organised. Little things, like family photos and knick-knacks can add to the serenity of the office. Home-style lighting also can ensure a more relaxed atmosphere.


The correct lighting, whether in an open office area, a conference room, or a public waiting area, is a vital piece of prudent office design. Bright overhead lighting can create a sterile, unwelcoming impression and can cause problems with headaches, eyestrain, and fatigue. Dimmers can help solve this problem. Lamps reminiscent of home can be comforting and familiar, while blue tinted lighting can be cooling in the summer and amber lights warming in the winter.


With help from experts like Progressive Office Furniture, you can combine the furnishing elements with colours on the walls, floors, and even ceilings that can create the perfect office atmosphere. Colours can be matched to your brand or logo and still be peppy and upbeat. Certain colours, however, can have specific psychological effects on the office denizens. For instance, navy blue, sky blue, black accents, and muted greens can improve overall office efficiency. Creativity can be enhanced using silver blues, soft grays, and warm tan colours. Cotton candy pink is considered great for writers. Using decorative wall paint, such as glazing, can make the room appear to have greater dimension.


Thus, combining the right elements of office design can make your environment more productive and add to the bottom line in ways you may not have considered.


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