Tips for keeping your home organized when life gets chaotic

No matter how chaotic work or family life gets, your home should always be your safe space. Sadly, for most of us, that’s not the case, whether it’s the overflowing towel cupboard or the regular bruised heel from Lego’s left on the floor. Here are some great ways to corral the clutter and overhaul your organizing.

  1. Storage bins & baskets

Everything from kids’ toys to linen can have a box, bin or basket. In the linen cupboard, keep all the double bed linen in one basket, single in another, pillow cases etc. You can pull out what you need in seconds without being buried by a pile of sheets.

Storage bins are great for kids’ toys; they come in all sizes and make cleanup time quick and easy – just throw it all in. For younger kids, have a few boxes of different sorts of toys and rotate them so they don’t get bored of the same toys. I use shoe boxes as my one year old daughter loves nothing more than sitting in a box she plainly won’t fit into.

  1. Draconian Law

When my uncle finally got tired of his kids’ toys lying all over the house, he really cracked down. He told the kids that they had to keep things tidy, including their bedrooms. The new rule was, if it wasn’t being played with and it was left on the floor, it would disappear. Tell the kids it’s being thrown out or donated to charity, put it in the cupboard for a few weeks, until they’re sticking to the rules, then return it. Stick to your guns or the kids will catch on and things will go straight back to their messy state.

  1. Labels

Labels are awesome – you and everyone else in the house knows at a glance where things go, so there’s no excuse for not putting things away, and mom isn’t always needed to find everything. Grab some Dymo D1 labels and stick them on the ends of boxes or storage bins, the shelves in the linen closet or repackaged baking ingredients in the kitchen. They work for just about anything.

  1. Ditch the excess

Find all the clothes that don’t fit, or that you just don’t wear, all the toys the kids have outgrown or lost interest in, books you’ve read and won’t read again and donate them. Getting rid of all the junk will make everything else much easier to organize.

  1. Get help

If you and your husband both work 9 to 5 jobs and are running around after kids all weekend, it’s ok to hire a cleaner once or twice a week and avoid a complete burnout. There’s nothing quite like sitting down in a clean and tidy home when you didn’t have to do it all yourself.

Once you’ve got the basic organizing sorted, you should have a little more time to browse Pinterest for even more household hacks, or your next DIY project.

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