New Years Resolutions

I was just reading that 45% of Americans make New Years Resolutions and that 24% fail on keeping them. I also was reading the top 10 resolutions that most people make. The number 1 was of course to lose weight and number 2 was to get organized.. I was surprised that getting healthy was number 5. spending more time with family was number 10 and quitting smoking was number 7. I thought that these would have been  higher up on the list. One of the things I am striving for this year is to exercise a whole lot more. I am sure that is on a lot of other peoples list also. lol002I got this total gym a few years ago and love it!! I haven’t used it as much as I wanted to this past year so now it is in our bedroom where I see it each day. Hopefully this will inspire me to use it a lot more often.010This mini re bounder is awesome! You should Google the benefits of using one of these because it is just amazing what  jumping or just lightly bouncing on it can do for you! Every time I use this I feel wonderful and have so much energy. I have decided to move it into our family room that way I will use it so much more while we are watching television.

This past year one of my resolutions was to drink more water each day and I am so happy to say that I really have! One reason is that I started infusing my water with fruits, berries and herbs. I now look so forward to drinking water now.010So are you one of the 45% that make New Year resolutions?

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Are you ready for Christmas?

Every year I say that I am going to start doing some of our Christmas shopping early and each year it seems as though I don’t get started until December!DSC_2358We put our Christmas tree up this weekend and had lots of great help from our grandsons on decorating it.DSC_2360IMG_1871I love seeing all of the decorations and lights that are put up this time of yearIMG_1868And of course remembering the REAL reason for the season JESUS!!IMG_1884Well I am off to do some shopping at Amazon from the comfort and warmth of home. lol

Are you an early shopper or do you wait until closer to Christmas?


Loving Fall

First let me apologize for not posting for so long! The Lord has really been blessing our business which has been keeping us so very busy. This is a very good thing but because of it my blog has been having to take a back seat. I am working to get things more organized on the blog so I can make sure that I post on a regular basis.

I always love when Fall arrives because it brings with it so many things I look forward to.fall festivals 009Like pumpkins and beautiful colorful mums.will 980will 983All kinds of juicy apples and one of my all time favorites caramel apples!blog 2499And of course all of the beautiful colorful leaves.

What are some of your favorite things about Fall?

Here at Eco Natural

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Do You Waste Food And A Copper Jewelry Giveaway

I was reading the other day that 40% of all edible food products in the United States is wasted each year.That is around 34million tons!!!! Most of the food that is discarded each week is food that we fail to eat or just let go bad.

Food waste occurs at many levels. Farm fresh fruit and veggies are often left unharvested because their appearance does not meet aesthetic standards imposed by grocery stores. We also find that we buy more than we will use sometimes. Also a lot of time pieces are bruised during shipping and are discarded as well. Food waste represents the single largest component of all municipal solid waste going on in landfills.

Here are some ways to reduce our “food print”blog 314Getting into a habit of taking inventory of your pantry and fridge each week before you plan your grocery shopping can be a big help.Place leftovers at eye level so that they can be seen and move older items to the front. Make your list and stick to it! You will be surprised not only what you will save but how much less food you will discard just by sticking to your grocery list!

If you find you have limp celery or carrots, peppers,onions and mushrooms that were left over from the previous week and need to be used right away throw them all in a pot and make homemade broth that can be canned or frozen and used at a later date. Also by adding a few more ingredients of your choice great homemade soup can be made.fall festivals 091When tend to over buy when we shop hungry so don’t go to the grocery with your stomach growling.11-08-2010 001Also if you buy local fruits and veggies they are not having to be transported far so they will be less likely to be bruised. A big bonus is that they are picked ripe so you don’t have to wait for them to ripen so you can use them! So let me ask you a question. Do you throw away a lot of food each week or do you do any of these tips and use most of the food you buy?

Okay now for the giveaway. We have now have hand wrought copper jewelry. Not only is copper jewelry beautiful but there was a paper from the journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology that stated it also has antimicrobial properties as well. Which means that it helps kill bacteria viruses and yeast. Also a lot of people believe that it helps with arthritis. I know that I love the way it looks!!005009005There are bangles, cuffs, necklaces, earrings and rings. The giveaway is for any bracelet or cuff of your choice. All you have to do to enter is to go to the site and look over the bracelets and cuffs come back and tell me which you would most like to win. Just go  here   

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Dryer Balls! A Great Way To Cut Toxins And Drying Time By 40%

In the past five years of writing this blog my dryer ball post has been my most popular. It has been pinned and shared many times. I was talking to someone the other day that was so excited about making some that I decided to share how to make them again.

First I want to say that fabric softeners whether they are liquid or sheets are TERRIBLE!  They are full of TOXIC chemicals which get into the clothes we wear, then on our skin and then absorbed into our bodies. YUK! As one article put it if you use fabric softeners you are breathing and wearing poison! Fabric softeners have been linked to many respiratory problems as well as nervous system disorders. Many of the ingredients are listed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Hazardous Waste List!!  The packaging on many brands include a warning that the product should not be used on children’s sleepwear. Most include ingredients like chloroform,benzyl, ethanol, pentane and so many more including phthalates which are used to make scents last longer and have been linked to breast cancer and reproductive system problems. Unfortunately the manufactures are not required to list all of the dangerous chemicals that  they put into these products. Fabric softeners also break down the organic fibers in clothing which makes them wear out so much faster.11-8-2010 165      One of the best ways to soften your clothes and get rid of static without using chemicals is by using wool dryer balls. Also an added bonus is that they reduce drying time up to 40%!!!! Instead of your clothes just laying flat on top of each other the balls get underneath and lift them up to allow the air flow to go all around which makes your clothes dry so much faster.Just think of the electricity you will save! According to The Dept, of Energy your dryer checks in at number 2 right behind the Fridge as the biggest household energy hog so being able to cut that by 30-40% is a HUGE savings! Some people make these balls by using 100% wool yarn.  I like a lot of people choose to make them by recycling wool sweaters. They are easy to make but the key is making sure that the wool sweaters,skirts, pants or blankets you decide to use are 85% or more wool.11-8-2010 169I go to Goodwill and hunt for 100% wool sweaters and then bring them home and wash them in hot water. Then put them into the dryer. When they come out they will have done all of the shrinking they will do. This is called felting.11-8-2010 184Then cut them into strips and roll each piece up and stitch it.11-8-2010 197Just keep rolling until you get the size ball you want. I make several different sizes.11-8-2010 206Mine are not as pretty as some I have seen but boy do they work well. You will need about a dozen of them and I just leave ours in the dryer all of the time. No need to take them out. I made all twelve of these while we were watching television one night in about an hour! I made our first ones over 7 years ago and used them for almost 4 years. I made some new ones and have been using these for almost 4 years now.You can add essential oils to them if you want your clothes to have a scent. The first year that we used the dryer balls we saved over $250.00 by just not having to buy fabric softener. We calculated that in the past almost 8 years now that we have been using these balls we have saved around two thousand dollars!!!! That is just fabric softener savings not including the energy savings. Just imagine what the energy savings have added up to!

Would you be willing to give dryer balls a try?028

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Farmers Markets

Summer just shouts Farmers Markets to me! You can find one almost anywhere and it is a great time to take advantage of getting fresh local food. It is also a really good idea to buy extra and can, freeze or dehydrate for use during the Winter months. It really is easy and when you buy or grow ripe local veggies and fruits they taste amazing when you use them in the colder 511Peaches, apples and local berries make wonderful jams and jellies or just freeze them for making pies later 510blog 380I love pesto so we grow lots of Basil and I make my own pesto. I also dry lots of our herbs for winter 1776blog 2209We always have a garden and we enjoy the harvest all Summer long and make sure that we can and fill our freezer to use 4184We always put lots of tomatoes up each year. We bought these from a local farmer at the end of the season this past year. It is so important to support local businesses especially our local farmers. So do you buy local fruits and veggies in the Summer and do you ever freeze or preserve any of them for the Winter months?

I don’t know if you have to deal with mosquitoes, ticks and chiggers where you live like we do here in Tennessee. If you do I hope that you use a Deet and chemical free insect repellent. It is so important to NOT use a product with Deet that they say if you do to wash it off after 30 minutes especially on children! The only thing is that you have already absorbed it into your skin!! If you don’t already have a good chemical free insect repellent check out our Don’t Bug Me line at Eco Natural014blog 2527blog 2586Also don’t forget to check out our Spring and  Summer colors in our Crushed Earth Mineral Makeup at Eco Natural



Do You Stay Hydrated?


I was just reading an article that stated that 75% of Americans suffer from dehydration! Most people don’t think much about this until Summer gets here. While we all should stay hydrated all of the time it is so especially important during the hot Summer 057Did you know that 60% of our bodies is composed of water? When people start to get a little weak or that they have a headache they think they just need to eat something. In reality most of the time they are simply dehydrated and need to drink. This article was saying that water is like oil to a machine. It is necessary for the body to digest and absorb vitamins and nutrients. It detoxifies  the liver and kidneys and carries waste away.Over time failure to drink enough water can contribute to a wide array of medical problems like fatigue, headaches, joint pain, weight gain, ulcers and even high blood pressure! 010The doctors in the article were also saying that unfortunately soda outsells water in the U.S. A lot of the drinks we consume do the opposite and dehydrate us rather than hydrate our bodies. Especially caffeinated drinks. If you don’t like the taste of water or think that it is just too bland on it’s own you can do like I do and add an array of herbs, fruits, and berries to it. One easy way to tell if you are needing to drink more water is to check your urine. If it is dark you are dehydrated. It should be light , kind of straw colored. Good news is that doctors say that dehydration is very easy and pretty quick to reverse. Just start hydrating by drinking at least 10 cups a water a day. Do you keep yourself hydrated by drinking water?007

It’s time to be enjoying all of the fun outdoor activities that Summer brings. Please be a label reader and make sure that if you use a bug repellent that you choose one without the harmful chemical Deet! I was reading that the FDA said that if you put a repellent with Deet in it on a child to wash it off after 30 minutes. That long and they have already absorbed it into their skin and bloodstream. Always look for a chemical and Deet free repellent. We have people from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Tennessee Department of Transportation and the Forestry department  using our Don’t Bug Me Balm telling us it’s the best repellent they have ever used. As of now it has been to 5 continents with testimonies of how no one in any of these groups were bitten! If you would like to check out this product more just click here 005We also have some beautiful Spring colors in our Crushed Earth Mineral Makeup009028006Check out these and all of our other  Natural organic chemical free products at  Eco Natural

Are You Ready For Spring?

Well we have had ice then snow then a thaw then more ice and 5 inches of snow on top of that ice!!  We live out in the country and have a long steep driveway. During the first ice and snow storm we weren’t able to get out for 8 days. Talk about cabin fever!I am sooooo ready for Spring!!I am ready for our garden to be planted.Ready to see Daffodils11-08-2010 851.Ready to be buying theseblog 467So we can be planting our garden!005Ready to be seeing some of the first signs of Spring. DAFFODILS!!blog 1771Ready to be picking fresh herbs from our herb garden.july 005Ready for beautiful warm Spring weather! What are you most looking forward to this Spring?

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Here in Tennessee we have had lots of snow which isn’t all that bad normally but the ice under the snow has not been good. The airport in Nashville has been pretty much shut down for three days now. I hope that where you are living that you are having  much better weather in your area!007In our home we use LOTS of lemons. We put them in our water, tea, salad dressings and desserts. This past year I found a lot of other ways to use them and their discarded 3615One way is to make your own enzyme cleaner. So easy and this stuff is amazing at all kinds of cleaning jobs.  This requires a 2 liter plastic bottle, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 liter of water and 2 cups of citrus peels. That’s it! You let it sit for about 12 weeks then strain it and you have this awesome environmentally friendly, non toxic cleaner that smells so good! Because of the long wait I tripled the recipe. You can add 1 teaspoon of yeast to this and it will be ready to use in 2 weeks. I made a batch with the yeast and a batch that sat for the 12 weeks. Both cleaned really well but I like the non yeast batch the best. Well worth the wait.002006I just discovered this a few weeks ago. You dry your lemon peels and then grind them in the blender until they are a powder. Then add baking soda and you have a product that will take the place of products like Comet or Ajax! It is more of an abrasive cleaner so it is suggested not to use this on granite. It does a fantastic job on sinks, tubs and regular counter tops11-08-2010 900You can also use lemons along with vinegar, salt and other pantry items to make lots of different cleaners including furniture polish.They will all be chemical free which is wonderful! If you haven’t lately take a look at the ingredients on the labels of your cleaning supplies and Google them. You will probably be shocked to find out what awful chemicals get into your home this way! 11-08-2010 860You can also use lemons to make beauty products as well. They make wonderful scrubs when mixed with oats and great masks when mixed with sour cream or yogurt, Have you ever made your own cleaning or beauty products and if so were you pleased with the results?

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Getting Toxins Out Of Your Home Are You Up For This Challenge?


At the beginning of the New Year most people make a list of resolutions of things that they want to accomplish. I want to issue a challenge to you and hope that you are up for it. The challenge is to start on a small scale if need be to eliminate some of the toxins in your home. I think that you will find it to be a lot easier than you think.

Did you know that the average home contains 500- 1000 chemicals? Many of these you are unable to see, taste or even smell. Indoor air is usually 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. is One of the easiest things that you can do is to leave your shoes outside the door.It is estimated that 85% of the dirt in our homes comes in from the bottom of our shoes! Just think about where you have been walking lately and what your shoes have come in contact with! Look how much dirt and toxins wouldn’t get in our homes if we just left our shoes right outside the door. Pretty easy to accomplish wouldn’t you say? Many of the cleaning products we use today are full of harmful chemicals. I found this awesome recipe for making your own enzyme cleaner a few years back and always make sure I have some on hand. It only has 3 ingredients and cleans wonderfully. If you would like the recipe I used it is  here  You can also use things like sea salt, vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda to clean extremely well and without any harmful chemicals. What makes using these products even better is the cost! So much cheaper than buying expensive toxic filled products. Do you think that you could do either one or both of these things to eliminate harmful toxins in your home?

Are you ready for cold and flu season? I encourage you to look for all natural chemical free products this year. Check out our Germ Shield line along with all of our other organic chemical free products at  Eco Natural

Happy Happy New Year to all of you!!